About us

eZingel was founded to provide an enjoyable experience to online users by offering digital content to those interested in Arabic literature and oriental music around the world.

On eZingel, we will feature the best of Arabic novels, self-teaching books, history and even kids’ literature. You can now catch up on your favourite literature without having to find the time and the perfect quiet spot to read it, because now you can read with your ears!

We have made literature available to you in digital formats to fit in your busy day schedule. You can now, listen to your favourite book while jogging, going to work, having a walk in the park on a sunny day, even while you are doing the household chores. Or listen it on your iPad or pc on your time off, or while commuting from one place to the other.

All content exiting on the website is sole properoty of eZingel.

eZingel is a subsidiary of “ISADAS Media and Communication Limited”  founded in 2012.

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